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Crush is lovely.  It attracts the restless homos of SE Portland who don’t feel like travelin’ crost river, or braving the enclosed tomb of Starky’s.  At Crush, the air is light and the drinks refreshing.  Lots of fun event nights, though some are more successful than others. Highlights are the cute crowd and the cool bathrooms.

It can seem cavernous if there are fewer than 20 people, and the food, though not awful, is forgettable.  But you don’t go for the food.  You go for the mood–low key hip.

1400 SE Morrison


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Fox and Hounds

This place got a complete remodel (read “hosing down”) a few years ago when the state’s no smoking law passed.  By the time they got they nicotine off the walls, an entire other room was discovered…But no matter the sharp power tools used, they couldn’t dislodge the drunks.

This is the place to go if you don’t care who sees you fall off your barstool or vomit on yourself and the person next to you.  The place to go if you are eager for a DUI.  Charles Bukowski wouldn’t last 5 minutes here…In other words, the drinks are strong, and the tacit acceptance of alcoholism is evident.

The bartenders are friendly, though, particularly for Portland.  Just be prepared to have someone fall on you.  People fall a lot in this place…

217 NW 2nd Avenue

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Eagle North Portland

The Eagle North Portland is typical of gay bars in Portland in many ways–no windows, dismal decor and a pack of regulars, each one on his third or fourth liver.

The main differences between this dive on Lombard and the other bars are that smoking is prohibited, the music is (currently) good and sex on the premises is welcome.

Not only is smoking considered a right in Oregon, you’re looked at with suspicion if you don’t smoke. Of course, studies show the more educated a population is, the less likely it is to smoke…you draw the conclusion. Continue reading

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