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Rooster Rock Nude Beach

Summer arrived late this year in the Northwest, and even later at the wonderful Rooster Rock. What makes it wonderful, you ask? We answer–

  1. Rooster Rock is a state park with a clothing optional beach taking up most half of its shoreline.
  2. Having sex here is as natural, and as common, as going for a swim.
  3. The scenery is stunning.
  4. When the river level is low, the water warms up.
  5. Oh, and it’s named for the monolithic rock towering over its west end that much more resembles a massive erection than a male chicken.

The problem this year is the water level. The late winter and heavy snows have kept the water high, which limits the amount of beach space and prevents the water from warming. Plus, the paths through the woods from the parking lot are mucky, muddy muddles. To avoid them, you must walk half an hour and double back to the beach or content yourself with a place on the shaded, grassy bluff (the grass being up to 7 feet tall…).

There’s always the option of carnal pleasures among the shrubs, though maybe not with the person you had in mind. The river and the sun, though, have a way of making the men at Rooster Rock quite randy. Go with that in mind and cock in hand.

Here are directions to Rooster Rock.


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  1. At Cock Rock, I’ve noticed in the last couple of years an increasing propensity for guys to have sex (oral and anal) out in the open. Works for me!
    Hope to see everyone letting it all hang out there this summer. Lots of delicious-looking men there all summer long.

    Comment by lordofthegadflies | 01/04/2011 | Reply

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