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Sauvie Island Nude Beach

Nothing excites people in Portland like the sun…and nothing arouses the gay men more than the prospect of baring it all at one of the local nude beaches. As soon as warmer weather arrives (which occurred very late this year), you overhear men asking, “Have you been to Sauvie yet?” The localism is often “Sauvies” but the same destination is meant–the gay nude beach on Sauvie Island.

Sauvie Island is a low island situated where the mouth of the Willamette River meets the Columbia. It would be much less of an island were it not for the levees that ring it, which keep the water back while creating rich farmland across its southern half. The northern half is devoted mostly to wildlife refuges, hunting and gettin’ nekkid.

The nude beaches are collectively referred to as Collins Beach, and, as is often the case at nude beaches, the gay section is located the furthest from the road/entrance. On this map, Collins Beach is approximately where Reeder Road turns into a dotted line on the upper left. The gay section of the beach is very close to the symbol for milepost 11.

So, how is Sauvie Island? Well, we love it. It’s a drive, but a nice drive, with farms and flowers and fruit stands along the way. The parking is on a hot, dusty road, and there’s a bit of a walk to the beach, but nothing major (for ridiculously hot and long walks, try Rooster Rock…).

Sauvie tends to attract a younger crowd — you know, the no body fat, perfect skin, amazing balls set, and their chubby club friends. Since the crowd in general is younger, it also tends to be louder and drunker. Great to look at, usually; murder to listen to, always.

There definitely is a set of guys in there 40s, and also the usual nude beach habitues who have been in the sun so long you can’t tell how old they are, you only know they’re something over 50.

The Sauvie Island gay nude beach is also where the 40 and 50-somethings with boats drop anchor, either showing off the twinks they have on board, or hoping to lure a few from the beach.

Paths above the sand lead into the woods. The woods, of course, lead to sex. The sex scene is so-so. One is more likely to connect at Rooster Rock, where the older men know better than to waste time gawking.

The gay nude beaches at Sauvie Island and Rooster Rock are fun for different reasons; it’s best to visit one when you tire of the other, not unlike those completely incompatible but fun f_buddies we keep around.


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