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Eagle North Portland

The Eagle North Portland is typical of gay bars in Portland in many ways–no windows, dismal decor and a pack of regulars, each one on his third or fourth liver.

The main differences between this dive on Lombard and the other bars are that smoking is prohibited, the music is (currently) good and sex on the premises is welcome.

Not only is smoking considered a right in Oregon, you’re looked at with suspicion if you don’t smoke. Of course, studies show the more educated a population is, the less likely it is to smoke…you draw the conclusion.

So, the lack of smoking at the Eagle North Portland is a major draw. You can grab a beer, settle in to watch the two porn movies playing and take one deep, healthy breath after another. If you need a tabacco fix, you can indulge on the back patio.

As for the music, the bar manager has a deep knowledge of ’80s trends. With a combination of satellite radio and iPod playlists, the selection covers not only new wave and postpunk hits, but also the b-sides, rarities and covers. Best bar music in town that’s not DJed.

And then there’s the sex. Many an entanglement occurs on the patio, especially late at night (mostly blowjobs). Unfortunately, it’s usually heavily fueled by booze. If you like getting off with someone who can barely stand and smells like an ashtray, you’ll love this scene.

It’ also pretty easy to pick up guys at this Eagle, probably due to the porn videos and the patio activity–there’s a sexual buzz here lacking in most other local joints. Just be sure to get your new friend out of there before he ties one on; some of these guys refuse to leave until they’ve drunk their fill, and yours, too. Hardcore.


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  1. At least there is some cock to look at there. But guys, come on, leave your female friends at home the crack whores playing Lotto are enough!

    Comment by Eagle Fan | 06/09/2008 | Reply

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