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Portland Restaurants

Allow us to say that the Portland restaurant scene is overrated, overpriced and over-hyped. Thankfully, some of the hot air is beginning to come out of the bloated Portland dining scene. The efficient capitalist marketplace we’re all supposed to worship is weeding out the precious, the absurd and the awful.

Here at Portland Gay Scene, we like to focus on the positive–or haven’t you noticed? So, we’ll rave about the places we love, mention the places we like, and provide brief lists of the dumps you should avoid.

And for those of you who wonder what restaurants have to do with the Portland’s gay scene–a man cannot live on sex alone. Believe us…we’ve tried!


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Eagle North Portland

The Eagle North Portland is typical of gay bars in Portland in many ways–no windows, dismal decor and a pack of regulars, each one on his third or fourth liver.

The main differences between this dive on Lombard and the other bars are that smoking is prohibited, the music is (currently) good and sex on the premises is welcome.

Not only is smoking considered a right in Oregon, you’re looked at with suspicion if you don’t smoke. Of course, studies show the more educated a population is, the less likely it is to smoke…you draw the conclusion. Continue reading

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Steam Portland

Steam Portland is the only bathhouse still standing. It’s a very nice bathhouse, with a modern design — sliding doors on each room, an open shower area, a cold shower in the sauna, porn showing on the wall above the jacuzzi, and a big deck on the roof for sunny days and warm nights. Very European.

If only the same could be said of the customers. Too often, it’s a collection of retirement home refugees who can’t get it up but expect you to for them. The constant shuffling of feet down the hallways is anything but arousing. And the bottomless looks of desperate hunger…shudder. Continue reading

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